May Updates


It seems that another month has passed already. Just when we thought we were ready for a full beta release more complex issues were discovered! We had a nasty issue that would affect anyone that has over 5000 twitter followers or followees, basically a show-stopper. Aside from taking care of my one year old, I’ve been on top of these for literally weeks now, day and night. I’m proud to say that this and several other major bugs have been resolved.

Our beta launch has been a bit bumpy and perhaps I underscored the complexities in the past but I’m absolutely dedicated to providing a consistent, quality, innovative service. After all, our service needs to be functioning optimally if Socialius is to service thousands (millions one day!) of accounts that contain a multitude of social media accounts under them! This is truly a challenging endeavor! We’re almost there!!

Socialius Code Updates

More core code has been rewritten to better handle unexpected issues, logging has been improved exponentially and page load times have been drastically improved (from ~15 secs to ~1.5 secs or so).

We still have a large laundry list, but with the solid code fixes we can resume work and expand our service.

Early Access Status

If you have applied for Early Access over the past month please expect login details within the next week. We’ll be onboarding users in phases as to monitor resources and keep things running fast for you.

Needless to say, we’re definitely head over heels that you’ve applied! Until next time, back to the lab for me!

Whew! Early Access has been resumed

Wow, what a busy past 36 hours it has been!

Right when you think you’ve got everything sorted out, the gremlins come out! I’m glad to say that we’re back on track!

Being a DevOps engineer is a very interesting position. I can see how my personal employers of the past appreciated me (some of them). Even in the midst of extreme difficulty, I’m able to remain level-headed, optimistic and joyous to myself, others as well as the situation at hand. I’m proud to be Founder of such as challenging platform full of many useful features as well as many lines of very intricate, meticulous lines of code.

As I look back, towards the beginning, things were so much more simple when I was creating a social media management platform for personal usage. Even if I was unemployed at the time (October of 2015). Starting with a framework, adding features, testing (x100) and eventually gaining the approval of many of my respected friends, acquaintances, and others. This is what informed me, by far, that Socialius could be as useful if not more useful for others than it is for me.

Why? Because I know a fair bit about the complexities of social media and they may not. Not to mention several other serious and important factors. This is truly the Socialius way: Share what we know, about who you know, meanwhile showing you how to boost efficiency and propagate your message(s) properly. The best part, this is only the beginning — our future contains so much more, we just can’t mention much now.

Humbly and honestly (hat tip), I’ll never forget using other services such as Hootsuite or SocialBro and being inspired by the usefulness of such tools. At the end of the day, our types of companies may be viewed as competitors but we’re all doing something great — bringing the world together socially.