August 2017 Update

Hi there Social Media Wizards!

It is time again for another update on Socialius and what we’ve been up to!

The month of August has been hectic. Moonlighting as a parent and doing my best to manage a full-time startup has kept me very busy! But I have managed to get lots of work done, although mentally, I’m pretty worn out!


There are way too many ideas that may not make the cut to fit in the sidebar! So I’ve added ‘Labs’ functionality so that users are able to elect and test Lab features.

This is where cutting edge innovation will likely take place for the most part. I’m very excited to even imagine what we’ll be able to come up with for you to use!


We’re in the process of adding support for LinkedIn to Socialius.

Add Media to Messages

You may now add media such as pictures and GIFs to your outbound messages, such as Tweets. We will soon be finishing this up to include support for video.

Multi-Messenger (Alpha)

We now have support to send a message via multiple accounts. Support has been extended to pages that feature messaging such as Guidance, Interesting Engine and others.

In addition, support for scheduling messages have been implemented. You may now schedule messages, even for multiple accounts using this simple addition.

This new feature will definitely save you time and possibly even hassle.

Media Now Shows on Timeline

I don’t know how I missed this one but it dawned on me, Mike it’s 2017, media is all over the place. So I chose to follow what Social Media networks are actually doing. Twitter and Facebook are both showing media when you scroll… automatically handling playback of the media.

Currently we’re supporting all media from pictures, to GIFs to movie files such as MP4s. If and as files are adopted we’ll be adding them. As always, please feel free to contact us and let us know if there is anything we’re missing.

So, please enjoy this new feature. It’s still a bit unrefined but this will be tackled soon.

Delete Tweets

This was another small feature that was overlooked. You may now delete Tweets from Twitter.

Micro updates
  • Guidance page now shows in tabular format.
  • Several improvements have been made to the Dashboard page. Such as the addition of refresh buttons to sub-elements.
  • Fixed issue w/ fetching some user sent Tweets from Twitter.

Suggestions? Comments?

I would definitely love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to share and ideas or feedback via the Contact us page.

March Updates

So, it has begun.

What started as a really stressful process is actually becoming quite a fun one! Yes, I have to admit I have been overly cautious, over thinking and just over the top about Socialius. This is definitely a very serious endeavor, but I have had to rethink myself lately and push for early access release.

So far, I’ve been making use of the excellent startup submission type list here -> . It’s a great list for startups that want to list on sites like BetaList (which we’ll be submitting to within the next 24 hours) and others.

Email Newsletter Issues

While in this process I discovered that our main mailing system had a few issues. Instead of spending hours to fix it, I’ve temp delegated this task to MailChimp, my old favorite for mailing.

This needed to be setup and working 110% correctly. I want to send a personalized, from the founder email to anyone who signs up for Early Access (to show some love), as well as providing guidance to new users later on down the line. Our current system could do some of this but MailChimp and it’s additional features will certainly do the job.

Living Up to Our Mission

What has taken me so much time is not just working alone, but trying my best to build a complete product. A product that won’t just handle your social media but provide you with interesting ways to handle yours. As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime“.

With this said, Socialius definitely needed some critical last minute working of innards. I can’t really say much here but it’s thousands of lines of code to facilitate this correctly. I enjoy what I do so it’s definitely not a bummer to me to write so much code. Especially with having a great support system that loves these new additions.