March 2018 Progress

Where do I begin? We’re again delayed with our humble and long awaited release. I take full responsibility for this shortcoming. I’m doing the best I can with the resources that I have (only myself working on all of this).

I’m optimistic that after Socialius is finally released the public will be able to see it’s true potential, and we’ll finally be able to add to our team. At the moment cashflow is the issue that is holding back onboarding of additional staff.

Perhaps I’m right about my assumptions. I believe a strong leader is able to ‘show and tell’. Hopefully my work ethic will also speak volumes to potential candidates.

Anywho, on to the latest updates to your new favorite Social Media Management Platform.

Code improvements

Many bits and pieces of code were either unfinished or in need of improvement. I took note of a pretty large list of issues 2 weeks ago and have largely solved these issues.

This included things such as page transitions, progress informers and overall intuitive usability of our services. While working/improving this path, a couple of redundant pages have been consolidated into other pages and/or removed. I believe this will make it a lot easier to get things done while also saving our clients a massive amount of time getting their Social Media objectives accomplished.

Language Sentiment for Social Media

With as much data that we’re now handling on a daily basis, it’s imperative that we have a working solution for predicting language sentiment. I believe this is a critical area that needs to work as it’s a major part of our upcoming services.

I’ve briefly been at a crossroads of sorts, whether to use external services or whether to create our own. Since we’ll be creating our own formulas and algorithms it should be worthwhile to get started with our own.

I’ve been hard at work on this for about a month now. 18+ hour days/nights working non-stop to materialize the vision. I’m confident that this will be wrapped up within the next few days.

Once it is completed, I’ll run tests on this and integrate it into Socialius. I’m extremely excited that we’re approaching the day that Socialius can be release publicly!

That’s about it for now. Til the next update!

May Updates


It seems that another month has passed already. Just when we thought we were ready for a full beta release more complex issues were discovered! We had a nasty issue that would affect anyone that has over 5000 twitter followers or followees, basically a show-stopper. Aside from taking care of my one year old, I’ve been on top of these for literally weeks now, day and night. I’m proud to say that this and several other major bugs have been resolved.

Our beta launch has been a bit bumpy and perhaps I underscored the complexities in the past but I’m absolutely dedicated to providing a consistent, quality, innovative service. After all, our service needs to be functioning optimally if Socialius is to service thousands (millions one day!) of accounts that contain a multitude of social media accounts under them! This is truly a challenging endeavor! We’re almost there!!

Socialius Code Updates

More core code has been rewritten to better handle unexpected issues, logging has been improved exponentially and page load times have been drastically improved (from ~15 secs to ~1.5 secs or so).

We still have a large laundry list, but with the solid code fixes we can resume work and expand our service.

Early Access Status

If you have applied for Early Access over the past month please expect login details within the next week. We’ll be onboarding users in phases as to monitor resources and keep things running fast for you.

Needless to say, we’re definitely head over heels that you’ve applied! Until next time, back to the lab for me!