Don’t leave your assets on the table

Now that things are getting to a less-than-hectic pace, I have finally been able to step back a bit from the code. Not too-too much, but a tiny bit. There are still many things that need to be taken care of business-wise, outside of the code.

The Discovery Phase

For instance, I was browsing around taking a short 3 minute break and somehow I remembered something important. I remembered that may or may not have been registered. This case also follows for

In past projects, I have experienced domain sellers having other key domains and the emails that I would receive about them trying to sell me a similar or in rare cases, an exact match domain with a different TLD. I was able to outsmart one seller that was trying to pull this on me by largely ignoring his emails (after telling him I wasn’t interested) while checking things myself. Then, right when the moment presented itself… I pounced on the domain after it was purged from the Registrar. Good times.

The Startup Tip

Anyways, tiny entrepreneur/startup business tip here, don’t leave things you’ll need on the table. Such as domain names and other things that will become IP (Intellectual Property) for your business. This is careless and ignorant to the fact of itself. But is one of the most frequest mistakes others tend to make from my observations.

I do forgive myself somewhat as it’s only been me working on every single aspect of this startup. Additionally, I was extremely broke around the time I began creating Socialius. I couldn’t even afford a pack of smokes without literally scraping up and counting change I had saved over time.

Why Does this Matter?

Having all major TLDs for a domain name (.com, .net and .org) can significantly create a professional image and save you in the case someone mistypes your domain name.

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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