Feb Updates

Whew! It’s been one hectic, uber busy, non-stop ride for me. Hundred more hours into creating the social media management utility you need!

Last Fixes

A few weeks ago I begun reviewing things for immediate release. Along the way I was able to discover issues that would have made for a negative experience for users. So I needed to take even more time to correct these issues.

Uh-oh, Connectivity Issues

With these issues corrected we then had a day of issues with our data-center. By trade, I’m a versed server admin, so engineering a model for Socialius that would avoid issues as these wasn’t a problem. I’m a strong believer in business continuity, so high-availability and replication have been on my laundry list for quite sometime now.

I spent a bit of time to craft a reliable solution that works extremely well, is very scalable and isn’t very expensive. Works like a charm and I believe our users will love the reliability and speed.

Last Minute Marketing Updates

So now it finally begins (since Oct 2015!), the time to get our business out there to the folks that need it.

Over the next 24+ hours I’ll be focused on getting our website out to launch channels. Great websites such as BetaList, BetaPage (thanks for the invite!) and other quality startup listings. I’ll finally have some time to speak w/ others in the community — I admit, I do need help and would like to have partners.

My thoughts are that I can get the ball rolling in the right direction (early access). Then while that’s moving on it’s own I can double back a little to review everything a bit more to ensure all is working as it should, I’m really worried about Socialius users encountering issues. Even if I’ve spent many nights doing my best to ensure they don’t.

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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