Mental Thoughts (July)

I don’t know how many times I’ve felt that we’re finally ready for release. Just to find more things that I felt (or at least thought) needed my attention before releasing. I feel pretty ashamed about it actually but I find a bit of comfort reading about the trials of others (delaying release aka afraid to release syndrome).

When I look back on things in October of 2015, I remember my baby girl about to be delivered into this world the very next month. I remember the passion of wanting to make the world a better place, by at least some measure, before or while she was being brought into the world. Something to remind her of her Father’s tact and aptitude. I also remember spending all of my time (literally) working on what I believed was a great idea (Socialius), unemployed, debts rising, options narrowing but still cheery and doing the best I could. This was before I was offered a position to innovate at a well known Fortune financial company.

Long story short, I never imagined that Socialius would grow so big, so quickly. When friends and family ask me about the company I always have something new to say. When they ask about the last Socialius issue we last chatted about I also have new ones to inform them about. When I brainstorm while driving or cycling, it’s not only about Socialius not as it is about the trivial nature of the past, yet today, it’s completely about complicated technologies and babble that would bore most. But it’s always something new.

Perhaps I’m a bit overwhelmed by the many months, 18+ hour days, no recreation time for over a year but I’ve reached some of the best moments and some of the most painful via creating Socialius. Learning is not easy but it is definitely satisfying.

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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