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Let’s take on more data

This post was written by our Founder, Michael Copeland.

Lately, I have made many different pitches for many different ideas. Many have been added to a list for future developments. With this said, Socialius as a company has made the decision to take on more data.

It has come to a point that without particular data we aren’t able to perform as optimal as we’d like. Especially with how we plan to do things and what we’ll offer. I envision a day where you don’t have a be a member to access basic data about users, businesses, products, games among other things. Members would reap more benefits and customers would reap them all.

New core feature

Speaking of data, I recently rolled out a core update that will address most active followers/followees of a user. I believe this will come in extremely valuable as a core metric. Our users would be able to work off of this metric in their targeting of users and subjects.

For more information about this aspect please login to your account and check our updates panel (since we are not live yet, this isn’t possible. this will be added soon.).

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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