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Hello there!

This week we have been working on getting access credentials sent out to our Early Access users. We are doing this in a tiered process so that we are able to monitor performance, solve issues along the way and offer the best service we can.

It has been a really long ride to this point, full of many interestingly new concepts, bits and bouts of frustration and many many aha moments. But this is what I endeavored for, all by myself, for the most part. Hard work is just that but the reward is amazing – being able to see others actually have a strong interest for your product that you’ve worked so hard and so long on. Truly captivating and rewarding!

What’s Next for Socialius?

Now that our base product and beyond is here it is now time to work on extending functionality, represent diverse interests and overall build Socialius into an award winning service. This will involve working with over 1k of Early Access users, querying for bugs and difficult areas and so on.

Want to Be Part of Our Team?

If you or anyone you know is well versed within Social Media and is looking to get started building experience please have them drop us an email at

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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