Are you on a Team?

We’re at it again, creating more robust functionality for our (hopefully) upcoming user base. Also in part because we’re getting ready to expand our team to include a few social media professionals that we’ve hired for various tasks.

A problem

Imagine this. You need someone else to run your prized Social Media accounts. You trust them but also don’t want to give away complete control (Social Media usernames and passwords). How should you go about this?

The solution

Easy! Make them a part of your virtual team. After all, this user or these users are a part of your working team. With them included on a virtual team of sorts you’ll be able to quickly and easily share selected Social Media accounts with them.

But with the added ability to provision access, remove access, see actions and much more at your whim! And without breaking a sweat (or worry)!!

That’s what our talented Engineers are currently working on and expect to have completed before the weekend is over with.

Did anyone say Early Access?

If you’ve signed up for Early Access to our platform, kudos to you! Secondly, we plan to either begin contacting Early Access VIPs within this next week coming up.

After that, we plan to begin contacting users that have signed up for Early Access via our website. In addition, any users that we’ve contacted and communicated with in person (via business cards) will be contacted.

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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