Language Sentiment is nearly go!

We’re extremely happy to announce that we are nearly done with a secret project that we’ve been working on, Language Sentiment! We’ve been working on this in secret since early this month (August 2016).

Language Sentiment for Social Media

Language Sentiment for Social Media is going to be something huge I feel. Which is why I’ve spent hundreds of hours preparing for it. About 5 weeks ago┬áI began researching Machine Learning, Python and R in hopes to get a grip on the tech to be able to use it. As you may know, Machine Learning is used in breaking down/understanding Language Sentiment.

Here at Socialius, one of our main focuses is helping average users and enterprise to be able to easily navigate Social Media. Within this one should be able to quickly guage what tweets, direct messages, etc actually mean. How that information relates and correlates with trends and if and how it is working for others on Social Media.

Boost your Social Media Efforts

This is going to not only be an integral part of our overall platform, but will also compliment other processes and services that we offer. All in hopes to make you better at Social Media not just via our platform, but by teaching you best practices, etc.

I strongly feel that the more you know the better you can perform. For example, with our Social Media Language Sentiment you’ll be able to approach others on Social Media with your best foot forward, by responding to messages optimally and on-point.

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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