New Year, New Social Media Goodies!

Happy New Year to all!

It’s been an extremely busy Holiday season or us here at Socialius. Our best gift has by far been the ability to work on Socialius for over a year. It may not sound like much of a gift, but it truly is, the suspense of release is killing us!

New Goodies for Socialius


One thing that’s on our minds is the current state of our frontend. We whipped something up back in 2015 to get us going but upon revisiting it appears it inadequate for our purposes. This is a side effect of the tremendous coding growth of Socialius from the 2015 days. With more content on the backend, the frontend needs to be able to communicate this to prospects and users.


The Interesting Engine is a concept that I have been able to designate as a need within our application. Blindly (without worrying about what other services are doing). Basically, it’s a way for you to discover new and exciting, useful content for your Social Media networks, although we currently only support Twitter (this is planned to rapidly change by Q2 this year.

I wish I could elaborate more, but please be patient.


Last year I was pretty close to hitting the go button. Thankfully I didn’t. Socialius at the time was still missing what I felt were essential core features. Sure, I had most other aspects covered and even some innovative tooling such as Language Sentiment before much if not all of my competition (this was a bummer as I thought it’d make for an impressive release).

On a personal note; at the time I also had a full-time job which kept me quite busy. I was an Innovation Engineer at a large Fortune company so you can imagine the workflow. With my resignation, I’ll be able to dedicate myself to Socialius!

In close, Socialius is definitely on its way. I can continuously work for hours, through days and nights, to give you the Social Media management tool sets that you need.

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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