Our Beginnings

As you may or may not know, Socialius was born on October of 2015. One of our founders needed a very versatile tool that could help with business related tasks such as:

  • Reaching out to others on Social Media
  • Making new connections (and tracking them)
  • Tweeting interesting news (and tracking it)
  • Ability to keep track of followers
  • And more

Original idea realized, Mike didn’t stop working there. Oh no, he’s taken the personal platform a heck of a lot further than originally anticipated. This is a great thing as Socialius is truly an awesome tool that can and will help you to get more done over Social Media.

Mike is dedicated to improving the platform and adds new features regularly.

Socialius endeavors to not only assimilate existing technology but to also greatly improve via innovation. Our planned feature set list is already pushing over 28+ items, new ideas are added all the time by both our staff and our users. We believe this is the best way to grow, by adapting. This also allows us to become a greater company while also more than satisfying the many needs of our users.

The Socialius Blog!


Welcome to the Socialius Blog! This is where some serious writing is going to go down for our platform.

What our Blog Will Contain

This blog will serve as a space to place the latest content about Socialius as a business. Stuff such as what’s new, what we’re working on, how to utilize social media, the future and much more.

We’re a pretty open company so we definitely look forward to disclosing new features that we’re working on. We think this is the best way to become a better company and more importantly, to serve you better.

We have amazing developers on our staff so new features should be delivered rather quickly over time. This is great as we fully look forward to publishing as much helpful content as we can here.

More information coming soon! For now, learn what our social media management platform can do for you.