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Happy Friday!

Whew, what a ride it has been over the past week or so. As of our last post we’ve finally entered the ‘beta site’ phase of our journey. This is the phase where we submit Socialius to sites that provide users with early access to our platform.

Submitting to Beta Sites

I’ve ensured to do two things here, submit to sites in a trinkled pattern (as best as possible) and not using advertising on submissions. My reasoning is that advertising would lead to a ‘dirty’ test. I believe a natural benchmark is needed and should not be influenced by advertising. Now, trinkled traffic is another thing, I could have used a service to do the submissions very quickly. But I believed that doing them myself and doing them over a span of time would lead to a natural backlink profile, would appear in multiple places over time, etc. Perhaps I’m wrong. But I am certain that someone most familiar with your startup should be the one making the submissions, each one gives you one shot to put your best face forward.

Over the time of making submissions I also changed things in the submission text. I also have more than one version of text used for submissions, for instance, many beta sites request a one liner intro starting with your startup’s name, a brief intro, a medium intro / description and / or a full description – it depends on the site. Many of these sites also differ in how many characters / words you can use within these fields. So naturally, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with many versions.

I did, however, pay a couple of writers on Upwork to write some good copy based off of my starting startup pitch copy. The one Upwork recommended was pretty decent but the one that applied to my job, that I selected, was somewhat underwhelming. I needed things done quickly and didn’t have time to go back and forth so I just paid (and left good feedback). I was able to work with a colleague and greatly improve these texts into our final result(s).

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