Delays and next steps

Lately we’ve had more delay in releasing our platform to starting users. This is because we have been:

Creating more initial functionality and somewhat over-stressing by attempting to deliver an exceptional product. This has lead to additional delays to our release but has also been a huge positive. Positive in the fact that Socialius is now faster, smarter and a lot more solid than before with the many additions and improvements that we’ve been able to make.

Teams & Account Sharing

For instance, we now have the ability to allow our users to create Teams and easily share accounts. We have always felt that sharing your social media password is a no-no. There are folks getting into trouble for doing just that. In another example you can imagine hiring a contractor or some type of temporary employee. You need this person to make social media posts on your behalf. Do you just hand over the power to the account to them (the password)? Or what do you do?? Simple, you use Socialius to securely share your Social Media accounts with users.


Our Teams and account sharing functionality is easy and simple to use. Users may create a free Socialius account and be instantly able to join your Team or share Social Media accounts with you with ease!

General Fixes

With any type of agile development, you’re bound to surely move really quickly and break a whole ton of things in the process! No worries there though as fixing these things are one of the fun parts after handling additions of further innovation.

We have applied many fixes that will ensure the Socialius platform will continue to run quickly and smoothly.

Til next update ladies and gents!

Author: Michael

Founder of Socialius, Inc

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